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October 7, 2019

When you first get cast in a show, how do you begin to learn your role?

You highlight your lines, maybe go through the text and find all the things that the other characters say about you. You might do some research on the place, time period and cultures. You take the time to figure out why your character does and says the things they do, and what you mean in greater context to the show. 


But...all of this isn't really DOING anything.

You're preparing, not doing.

Once the rehearsal process begins, then you actually DO stuff.


You nail down lines and vocal passages.

You work the diction over and over again, and memorize the translations. 

You fine tune your blocking.

You build moments with your colleagues that make the show POP.


Before rehearsals start is all prep work--- you are seeking to understand.


But once you start rehearsals, it's time for ACTION--because now, you're seeking to create.


Until someone takes action, there isn't a show.


The same can be applied to the difference between independent, self-improvement work and having an actual a career.


You can practice and coach and take lessons and read articles and make a dozen recordings and seek to understand for years on your own...but unless you take ACTION and get yourself into an audition room, until you truly put yourself out there to be seen and heard, it's all just a waste of time.


Don't get stuck in 'constant preparation' mode. Get out there and put your work on display.


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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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